SlHsfA3 directly binds to the promoter regions of <i>SlHsp26.1-P</i> and <i>SlHsp21.5-ER</i>.

<p>(A) Illustration of the <i>SlHsp26.1-P</i> and <i>SlHsp21.5-ER</i> promoter regions showing the presence of HSEs DNA motifs. HSEs are drawn according to the nomenclature of Nover <i>et </i><i>al</i>. (2001) <a href="" target="_blank">[3]</a>. Numbers in between indicate the distance in bp. The TATA box is also indicated in the schematic diagram. (B) EMSA assays showing that SlHsfA3 binds the HSEs motifs present in the <i>SlHsp26.1-P</i> and <i>SlHsp21.5-ER</i> promoters <i>in vitro</i>. SlHsfA3-MBP recombinant protein was expressed in <i>E. coli</i> cells. The corresponding probes were indicated in (A) and labeled with biotin. Competition for SlHsfA3 binding was performed with 10X, 20X and 50X cold unlabeled probes and 20X mutated probes. For details see <a href="" target="_blank">Materials and methods</a>.</p>



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