Significant increases in the amount and sulphation of HS in MPS brains.

(A) Compositional disaccharide analysis of HS from WT, MPSI, MPSIIIA and MPSIIIB brains. (B) N-acetlylation, N-, 6-O-, and 2-O-sulphate distribution within HS isolated from WT, MPSI, MPSIIIA and MPSIIIB brains. Values are calculated from the disaccharide analyses shown in A, specifying the percentage of total disaccharides along the HS chain that contain each modification. (C) Total relative amounts of HS. * denotes where all groups were significantly different from each other. n = 3 mice per group, error bars represent the SEM and p values are from one way ANOVA with Tukey's multiple comparisons test.