Serum anti-Env IgG antibody responses.

<p>(a) Mean anti-Env endpoint titers (4 animals/group) against JR-FL foldon trimer were determined over the course of the 11 week experiment as described previously.(b) Week 6 endpoint titers for mice primed with pEnvG/pIL-12 (group 1/2/3, N = 12), IN rVSV-EnvG<sub>4</sub>-G<sub>6</sub> (group 4/5, N = 8), or IM rVSV-EnvG<sub>4</sub>-G<sub>6</sub> (group 6/7, N = 8). *p<0.05 compared to group 1/2/3. (c) Week 8 endpoint titers for all groups. (d) Week 11 endpoint titers for all groups. *p<0.05 compared to group 1. <sup>#</sup>p<0.05 compared to group 2. <sup>+</sup>p<0.05 compared to group 3. ∧p<0.05 compared to group 4. <sup>∇</sup>p<0.05 compared to group 5. (e) Ratio of IgG2a to IgG1endpoint titers at week 11. (f) Neutralization of HIV-1 virus pseudo-typed with SF162.LS Env as measured in a standard TZM-bl neutralization assay using IgG purified from week 11 sera of selected groups. SEM is shown.</p>