Serologic and perturbed gene expression in time-shifted data.

(A) Log10 plaque reducing neutralizing titers (Log10(PRNT80)) of test calves prior to and after vaccination with arMP-12 with data synchronized to the time point that each animal reached the minimum threshold (T = 0; 1:80, log10 = 1.903). (B) Schematic illustrating the immunologic status of test animals in time shifted analysis: unvaccinated (gray), vaccinated, below PRNT80 cutoff (light red), vaccinated, first day at or above PRNT80 cutoff (dark green), vaccinated, above PRNT80 (light green). (C) Count of significantly perturbed genes normalized against unvaccinated samples occurring in at least 50% of animals by time pre-serum neutralization, with a |Z-score ≥2.24| and a false discovery rate (FDR) ≤0.05.