Sequence and expression analysis of Rubie.

(A) Rubie (EST BY232928) sequence displayed in genomic databases is derived from a partially-sequenced RIKEN cDNA clone and includes 388 bp, divided among three exons. Resequencing of the RIKEN clone revealed a full-length insert of 1404 bp, divided among five exons. (B) Expression of Rubie in embryonic (E15.5) and postnatal (P6) mouse inner ears was confirmed by RT-PCR. Expression was not observed in P6 hindbrain. The bottom PCR band represents use of an alternative splice site between exons 1 and 2 of Rubie. (C) Rubie expression was detected in the three sensory cristae (anterior crista, AC; lateral crista, LC; posterior crista, not shown) and the developing cochlea (Co) of sectioned E11.5 embryos by in situ hybridization. (D) No signal was detected using a Rubie sense control probe. Rubie (E) and Bmp4 (F) exhibited similar expression patterns in the developing inner ear.