Seed handling by rodents.

2015-08-06T02:57:42Z (GMT) by Swati Sidhu Aparajita Datta

Percentage of seeds handled (out of total tagged seeds) by murid rodents and porcupines in seed plots for seven study tree species in different seasons. All the seeds handled by murid rodents were removed whereas all the seeds handled by porcupines were preyed upon. Sampling effort in terms of camera trap nights, number of seeds sampled per species and number of total seed plots for tree species is: Ao–Actinodaphne obovata (44, 146, 11), Cc–Chisocheton cumingianus (188, 374, 15), Th–Talauma hodgsonii (63, 533, 9), Hk–Horsfieldia kingii (215, 460, 14), Pc–Prunus ceylanica (230, 396, 14), Cr–Canarium resiniferum (156, 527, 10), Ba–Beilschmiedia assamicus (186, 299, 15).