Secretion of TGFβig-h3 is stimulated by chemerin and IGF.

<p><i>A</i>. Western blot analysis of TGFβig-h3 in media from MSC cells shows stimulation by chemerin and IGF-II and inhibition by CCX832 and AG1042, respectively. <i>B</i>. Stimulated secretion of TGFβig-h3 is maintained after cycloheximide treatment. TGFβig-h3 abundance in cell extracts was unchanged (middle panel); GAPDH was used as a loading control for the cell extracts (bottom panel). <i>C</i>. The calcium ionophore, ionomycin (1μM) stimulated TGFβig-h3 secretion comparable to IGF-I (<sup>-1</sup>) and IGF-II (<sup>-1</sup>). <i>D</i>. In calcium-free medium stimulated secretion in response to IGF-II is inhibited.</p>