Screening of viral proteins or viral replicative intermediate dsRNA involved in induction of COX-2/ IL-32.

Reporter plasmids pCOX-2-Luc (A), pIL-32-Luc (B), and pRL-TK were cotransfected along with all 10 viral gene constructs (Flag2A-HA, Flag2A-NA, Flag2A-NP, Flag2A-NS1, Flag2A-NS2, Flag2A-M1, Flag2A-M2, Flag2A-PA, Flag2A-PB1, Flag2A-PB2) and control vectors (Flag2A) or treated with or without poly(IC) (50 µg/ml), poly(IC) (50 µg/ml)+IFN-γ (150 U/ml) into A549 cells which are indicated on the horizontal axis respectively. Luciferase activity was measured as described in methods section. Results are expressed as the mean±s.d. of three independent experiments performed in triplicate and normalized by Renilla activities.