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Schematic model showing the links between the significant changes of muscle-specific attributes with the expression of ERV env genes, their receptors and muscle specific genes relating to cell fusion occurring in vivo (biopsies from cyclists at the pre- and post- competitive seasons) and in vitro.

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posted on 08.07.2015 by Sebastian Frese, Matthias Ruebner, Frank Suhr, Thierry M. Konou, Kim A. Tappe, Marco Toigo, Hans H. Jung, Christine Henke, Ruth Steigleder, Pamela L. Strissel, Hanna Huebner, Matthias W. Beckmann, Piet van der Keylen, Benedikt Schoser, Thorsten Schiffer, Laura Frese, Wilhelm Bloch, Reiner Strick

The top represents the muscle differentiation in cyclists from pre- (PRE) to post-competitive season (POST), whereas the bottom symbolizes the myoblast cultures proliferating in growth media (GM) or differentiating to myotubes in differentiation media (DM). Additionally, since SCs and myonuclei showed positive expression for protein kinase A activated pCREB-Ser133 (Fig 4) and treatment of primary myoblast cultures with the cAMP stimulator Forskolin did not promote myoblast cell fusion (Fig 6), we predict that cAMP may be important for regulating SCs. SC = satellite cells; MP = muscle progenitors; MT = myotubes; PRE = pre-competition; POST = post-competition; GM = growth media; DM = differentiation media; arrow up = significantly up-regulated and arrow down = significantly down-regulated.