ScFvs against Ig1–4 inhibit, while scFvs against Fn1–3 stimulate transmigration of SK-N-SH cells.

Equal numbers of cells (105) were seeded into the upper compartment of a transwell chamber and allowed to migrate through a BSA-coated membrane for 36 hours. (A) Cells that had migrated into the lower chamber containing L1/ecd (12 µM), non-immune human IgG (10 µM), and scFvs I4 (16.5 µM), I6 (16.5 µM), I13 (16.5 µM), or I27 (16.5 µM) are shown. Omission of scFvs served as negative control. Migrated cells were fixed on the membrane and lower chamber, stained with crystal violet and counted. (B) Non-transmigrated cells in the upper chamber were also counted. Data represent mean values ± SEM of numbers of transmigrated cells from three independent experiments. Asterisks denote significant differences from control. ** p<0.01, * p<0.05 versus the number of cells in the control, Student's t-test.