SPX has little effect on changes in the pancreatic islets in IL-10-deficient mice.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Representative images of insulin staining (left), Mallory-Azan staining (middle), and α-SMA staining (right) in pancreas sections from each group. Scale bar = 100 µm. (<b>B−F</b>) Insulin-staining area in the pancreas (<b>B</b>), intra-islet fibrosis area (<b>C</b>) and intra-lobular fibrosis area (<b>D</b>), hydroxyproline content (<b>E</b>) and α-SMA-positive cells (<b>F</b>) in each group (<i>n</i> = 6). *<i>P</i><0.05 vs. the Sham group (wild-type or IL-10KO mice), <sup>#</sup><i>P</i><0.05 vs. SPX mice (wild-type). Treatment groups: Sham, fed a HF diet, given serum albumin and sham-operated; SPX, fed a HF diet, given serum albumin, and splenectomized; SPX+IL-10, fed a HF diet, given recombinant mouse IL-10 and splenectomized. Wild-type, wild-type mice; IL-10KO, IL-10-deficient mice.</p>