RovM senses nutritional cues.

2015-09-08T03:16:18Z (GMT) by Viveka Vadyvaloo Angela K. Hinz

Growth of WT (pACYC177) (●), ΔrovM (pACYC177) mutant (■) and ΔrovM (pACrovM) complemented mutant (♦) strains in Sebbane minimal medium (SMM) supplemented with 0.2% (A) glucose (dark grey), galactose (light grey), or diacteylchitobiose (black) as additional carbon sources or, (B) amino acids, glutamine (light grey), arginine (dark grey) and histidine (black). Error bars indicate the mean±SD of three independent experiments. To calculate the growth rate linear regression analysis was performed on the exponential phase time points of growth between 18–32 hours for (A) and 16–32 hours for (B). The ΔrovM (pACrovM) complemented strain grew at a significantly higher growth rate (*, P<0.001) in SMM supplemented with diacetylchitobiose, glutamine and arginine compared to the ΔrovM mutant and wild type strains. WT = wild type.