Results of a phylogenetic analysis based on a modified version of Rook and Hunter’s [8] character matrix incorporating evidence supplied by new Wortmania (= Robertschochia) specimens and other changes (see text; Appendices S1 and S2).

2013-09-30T02:12:05Z (GMT) by Thomas E. Williamson Stephen L. Brusatte

A, strict consensus of six most parsimonious trees resulting from running all multistate characters unordered (Consistency Index = 0.648, Retention Index = 0.667); B, strict consensus of two most parsimonious trees resulting from running multistate characters as ordered ( Consistency Index = 0.562, Retention Index = 0.679) (see text for details). Numbers below left of nodes are Bremer branch supports calculated from a pool of up to 50,000 suboptimal trees of up to 10 steps longer than the shortest trees obtained. Letters above each node in the cladogram refer to nodes in the diagnoses in Appendices S3 and S4.