Results of Illumina analysis of 1,421 autosomal sequences in DNA isolated from sperm and buffy coat.

Seven study sperm samples (A–G; with values of sperm concentration (106 sperm/ml) A:20, B:56, C:62, D:67, E:75, F:94, G:95), screening sperm sample (S), two buffy coat samples (1–2). Level of DNA methylation scored as β-value. Color: β-value for column sample at row sequence (green: β<0.1; yellow: 0.1≤β≤0.25; orange 0.25<β≤0.5; red: β>0.5). MI and PI: maternally and paternally imprinted genes (black bar). Sequences assigned to tertile of median β-value among buffy coat DNA samples (I, II, III) and sorted within tertile on median β-value among sperm DNA samples. Box 1: sequences with sperm-specific DNA methylation; Box 2: sequences with buffy coat-specific DNA methylation.