Results from crosses between <i>H. m. melpomene</i> and <i>H. m. rosina.</i>

<p>Individuals are shown as a composite of the ventral and dorsal side of each wing (left dorsal, right ventral). Unexpectedly the F<sub>1</sub> brood was segregating for presence of yellow hindwing bar (22 out of 44 individuals). Half of the individuals with yellow hindwing bar had a fuzzy bar (n = 11) as show in this picture; the other half had a yellow bar similar to the maternal race (n = 11). Brood sex ratio was skewed towards males (3∶1). Numbers below phenotypes indicate number of individuals (#) with each phenotype and results of <i>Yb</i> locus genotyping (presence of paternal allele a<sub>1</sub>: presence of paternal allele a<sub>2</sub>). All individuals with yellow hindwing bar had the paternal allele a<sub>1</sub> whereas all individuals with paternal allele a<sub>2</sub> had a shadow hindwing bar.</p>



CC BY 4.0