Response of TRPV1 to osmotic stimuli.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Representative single cell traces of the fluorescence ratio during the perfusion of various solutions differing in osmolality at 36°C. The line on the top indicates the timing of the change from 300 mOsm (gray) to the respective osmolality (black). (<b>B</b>) Summary of the change in the fluorescence ratio. Data are differences between fluorescence ratios 2 min before and 4 min after the change of the solution. Osmolality-dependent changes in the [Ca<sup>2+</sup>]<sub>i</sub> were observed in HEK293-TRPV1 cells (filled circles), but not in HEK293 cells (open circles). Values are the mean ± SEM; when the SEM value was less than 0.04, the error bar is hidden behind the symbol. HEK293-TRPV1: <i>n</i> = 105 (250 mOsm), <i>n</i> = 110 (300 mOsm), <i>n</i> = 129 (330 mOsm), <i>n</i> = 109 (340 mOsm), <i>n</i> = 249 (350 mOsm). HEK293: <i>n</i> = 112 (250 mOsm), <i>n</i> = 121 (300 mOsm), <i>n</i> = 109 (350 mOsm).</p>




CC BY 4.0