Representative cyclophilin D (Cyp-D) protein expression.

(A) Western blots showing representative Cyp-D protein expression. COX IV was blotted as a control and indicated no changes during the time course of the experiment. (B) Relative analysis of the Cyp-D protein levels in isolated mitochondria in the sham group, the ischemia (I) 2 h group, and the ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) 2 h, I/R 24 h and I/R 72 h groups. Six animals were included in each group. Each bar in B represents the means±SD. #P<0.05 versus I 2 h and sham; *P<0.05 versus I 2 h, I/R 2 h and sham; P<0.05 versus I 2 h, I/R 2 h, I/R 24 h and sham.



CC BY 4.0