Regulation of the systemic anti-donor response by donor apoptotic splenocytes.

A) Assessment by IFN-γ ELISPOT assay of the indirect T cell response elicited in the spleens of B6 mice, naïve (control), or transplanted 60 days before with syngeneic (control) or BALB/c aortic grafts. Numbers indicate the number of spots. Each group included 4 mice. B) Detection by FACS of circulating alloAb in B6 recipients of syngeneic or BALB/c aortic grafts under different conditions and analyzed 60 days after surgery. Results are representative of 6 mice per group. Numbers indicate percentages of cells. Numbers in parenthesis represent mean fluorescence intensity. C) Evaluation of the direct T cell response by IFN-γ ELISPOT assay in the spleen of B6 mice, naïve (control) or 60 days after being transplanted with syngeneic (control) or BALB/c aortas, under different conditions. Each group included 4 mice per group. * p<0.001.



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