Reduced dendritic length and complexity are mostly rescued in ALC-treated null mice.

Representative drawings of Golgi-Cox stained neurons analyzed in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus in (A) WT saline-treated, WT ALC-treated, null saline-treated, and null ALC-treated mice. (B) Area of the cell body was not affected by genotype or treatment. (C) Total dendritic length was significantly reduced in saline-treated nulls compared to both WT groups (p's<0.001) and was rescued with ALC treatment in null mice (saline-treated vs. ALC-treated nulls; p = 0.016). (D) Dendritic complexity was decreased in saline-treated null mice compared to both groups of WT mice indicated by fewer dendrite crossings between 75 and 150 µm from the cell body. ALC treatment in null mice had a significant effect on the number of dendritic crossings in close proximity to the cell body. All values represent the mean ± SEM. AU = arbitrary units. WTS: wild type saline-treated; WTA: wild type ALC-treated; NS: null saline-treated; NA: null ALC-treated. † NS vs. WTS, WTA, NA (p<0.05) # NS vs. WTS, WTA (p<0.05) ‡ NS and NA vs. WTS and WTA (p's<0.05).