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Reduced Synaptic Inhibition Perturbs Spinalized Fictive Motor Output Without Disrupting Episodic Structure.

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posted on 02.10.2014 by Timothy D. Wiggin, Jack H. Peck, Mark A. Masino

(A–B) Representative traces of the fictive motor output from a representative spinalized larva in 50 µM NMDA (A) and following application of 1 µM Strychnine (B). Top traces are episodes of fictive motor activity; bottom traces show bursts in the indicated regions at a finer time scale. (C–F) Plots of episode frequency (C), episode duration (D), burst frequency (E) and burst duration (F) in Baseline (50 µM NMDA), Strychnine (50 µM NMDA, 1 µM Strychnine), and Washout (50 µM NMDA) conditions. * Statistically significant difference.