Reduced CD8+T lymphocytes infiltration in the brain of PbA-infected LTβR deficient mice.

Flow cytometric analyses of brain-sequestered leukocytes from uninfected wild-type mice (WT NI), PbA-infected wild-type mice (WT PbA) and TNF deficient mice with severe ECM, and infected, ECM resistant LTβ and LTβR deficient mice tested on the same day. Mice were infected with 106 P. berghei ANKA parasitized red blood cells as in Fig. 1. Representative dot blots of CD4 and CD8 staining (A) CD8 and perforin double staining (B). Activation markers CD54 (C) and CD69 (D) on CD8+ cells are shown for non infected (thin line) and PbA infected (thick line) WT, TNF-, LTβR- and LTβ–deficient mice, as indicated. Bargraphs of CD4+ (E), CD8+ (F), CD8+ Perforin+ (G), CD8+ CD54+ (H), and CD8+ CD69+ (I) lymphocytes represent the mean±SD of n = 3–4 pools of 3–4 mice per group, and are from one representative of two independent experiments (n.s., not significant).