Redox heterogeneity in drug-resistant patient isolates during infection.

Infection of THP-1 macrophages, confocal microscopy, and EMSH measurements were performed as described for Figure 6. False color ratio confocal image of Jal 2287 (A) and MYC 431 (E) inside THP-1 at 24 h p.i. Small dashed line boxes indicate bacilli with varying EMSH. Co-localization of Mtb in (B and F) endosomes, (C and G) lysosomes, and (D and H) autophagosomes. False color ratio images were generated as described in SI Materials and Methods. Small dashed line boxes indicate co-localized bacilli and large solid line boxes represent the enlarged view of one of the co-localized bacilli. Relative distribution of Mtb subpopulations with varying EMSH is depicted as scattered plots and stacked bar graphs. Each point on the plot represents a bacterium. Approximately, ≥80 individual bacilli within macrophages and ≥50 individual bacilli within each compartment were imaged to calculate EMSH. Color bar corresponds to the 405/488 nm ratios ranging from 0 to 1. Data shown is representative of at least three independent experiments.