Recruitment profiles under derepressed conditions.

A–G: ChIP analysis for coactivators/general transcription machinery at the indicated promoter regions in a wildtype strain (black), adr1Δ (pink), cat8Δ (blue) and adr1Δcat8Δ (green). Binding is expressed as the percent of the wildtype derepressed value (set to 100%) after normalization to the TEL negative control locus. Error bars represent the standard deviation of biological replicates (two or more). Data is shown at 4 hours of derepression. H: ChIP analysis for Taf1 in repressing (grey bars) and derepressing (four hours, black bars) conditions. Error bars represent technical replicates. Inset: ChIP analysis by PCR at for Taf1 at ACT1. The protein(s) assayed for in each case is listed in Table 2.




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