Receptor remains bound to PA domain 4 at pH 5.1.

A) A subset of the 1D slices of the [15N,1H] TROSY-HSQC spectra highlighting several cross-peaks without saturation at pH 5.1 (left panels) or with saturation at pH 5.1 (right panels). Cross-peaks representing PA domain 2 and 4 contact residues are indicated with red and blue labels, respectively. B) A plot of the intensity ratio (Is/Io) from the transferred cross saturation of (PA63)7 to interacting residues on the ANTXR2 VWA domain. Significant cross saturation (Is/Io≤0.75) is indicated with a single asterisk, and highly significant (Is/Io≤0.5) is indicated with a double asterisk. For all graphs the errors were calculated by propagating the base-plane noise, which was derived from the signal-to-noise ratios of both interleaved experiments. The data was taken from two separate experiments performed at pH 5.1 and pH 5.15 and the average was derived from these experiments.




CC BY 4.0