Putative cis-ieQTLs detected by parent of origin specific association analysis in 59 HapMap trios.

Results for (A) SRRT and (B) SLC27A4 and (C) PEG10. In each plot, the panels show the distribution of p-values for each SNP within a ±1 Mb region around each gene based on separate association of the maternally- and paternally-inherited SNPs (left and middle panels respectively). The x-axis shows the genomic coordinates in Mb, and y-axis is the –log10 p-value of association between each SNP allele of defined parental origin and gene expression level. Box plots show the distributions of gene expression for CEU (circles) and YRI offspring (crosses) with respect to maternally (MAT) and paternally (PAT) inherited SNPs. A clear difference between heterozygous individuals of reciprocal parental origin is also consistent with a PofO effect at these loci, as these individuals show a difference in gene expression despite having the same genotype (right panels).



CC BY 4.0