Punch card controlled integrated multiplexed microfluidic pumps.

2015-03-04T03:42:02Z (GMT) by George Korir Manu Prakash

(A) A series of images of a single channel coupled to the rotating gear disc during one pumping cycle. (B) To characterize the flow pattern with each actuation, fluorescent polystyrene beads (2 μm) were used in de-ionized water. (C) Pumping in each cycle revealed a characteristic asymmetric pulsatile oscillatory flow depicted above as a kymograph. The amplitude of directed unidirectional flow depends on actuation height (h) and the angular velocity (ω) from the hand-crank. (D) Top-down view of the microfluidic chip with simultaneous operation of six punch card controlled integrated micro-pumps. Net flow rate in a fluidic line is a function of exact pattern of punched hole (number of holes punched and spacing between the same, an example pattern depicted above). (E) Effective flow rate characterized as a function of h and ω, easily achieving typical values demonstrated by integrated micro-pumps.