Protein and phylogenetic analysis of HdIV vankyrins.

(A) Multiple sequence alignment of the deduced HdIV vankyrin protein sequences obtained with CLUSTALW. Identical and similar amino acids are indicated by dark and gray shading, respectively. Conserved ANK domains are underlined and individual ANK motifs are indicated by roman numerals. The full-length protein sequences have been deposited in GenBank under accession numbers: JF825856 (Hd4-vank1), JF825857 (Hd31-vank1), JF825858 (Hd29-vank1), JF825859 (Hd27-vank1), JF825860 (Hd47-vank1), JF825861 (Hd47-vank2), JF825862 (Hd47-vank3), JF825863 (Hd47-vank4), JF825864 (Hd47-vank5).(B) Phylogenetic analysis of the HdIV vankyrin gene family. The scale bar represents 0.4 substitutions per nucleotide. Numbers at the nodes indicate bootstrap values (%).



CC BY 4.0