Proposed model of the molecular mechanism of green tea polyphenols-induced activation of extrinsic (death receptor pathway) and intrinsic (mitochondrial death cascade) in the presence and absence of p53.

GTP has shown to affect epigenetic and various signaling pathways. GTP induces activation of extrinsic pathway of apoptosis to similar extent irrespective of their p53 status. However, intrinsic pathway is activated by p53 upregulation in cells possessing wild-type p53; whereas it is activated by inhibition of Akt, which in turn dephosphorylate BAD and activate intrinsic pathway in the cells lacking p53. The GTP-mediated cell cycle arrest and eventually cell death via induction of apoptosis is caused by upregulation of p21/waf1 due to downregulation of class-I HDACs, which in turn causes increase acetylation of histone H3 and its binding on to the promoter of p21/waf1, leading to increased p21/waf1expression in prostate cancer LNCaP cells irrespective of their p53 status. demonstrate activation and demonstrate inhibition.