Proposed mechanism of EGFR feedback monomerization upon EGF stimulation.

<p>After EGF challenging, two EGFR monomers associate on the plasma membrane to form an asymmetric dimer. The asymmetric dimer formation activates the kinase domain which transphosphorylates tyrosine residues at the C-termini of the receptor, three of which (pY1173, pY1148, pY992) recruit PLCγ1. EGFR phosphorylates PLCγ1 on Y783 for activation. PLCγ1 hydrolyses PIP<sub>2</sub> forming DAG. DAG activates nPKCs, which phosphorylates PKD at S744 and S748 for activation. PKD causes EGFR phosphorylation at T654 and/or T669 to shift the monomer-dimer equilibrium of liganded EGFR back towards the monomer. The insets show the close-up of the JM part. The two PDB files (2M20, 3GOP) were superimposed and aligned in the JM-A region to obtain presented images.</p>