Programmed cell death mutants share differentially regulated genes.

(A) Venn diagram of differentially regulated genes in day 1 adult wild-type (N2) animals versus pgrn-1(tm985), ced-3(n717) or ced-1(e1735) mutants. Significance cut-off was an FDR of <0.05. The numbers in black represent the total number of overlapping genes, with direction of change (up-regulated = red, down-regulated = green) indicated below. The significance of the overlaps between the mutant strains was calculated using Fisher's exact test. See the Excel file (Table S5) for gene list. *p value<2.2×10−16. (B) Heat map depicting the fold changes of gene expression in pgrn-1(tm985), ced-3(n717) and ced-1(e1735) mutants compared to N2 wild-type animals for each of four biological replicates.