Production of excess BAFF and TNF-α, but reduced levels of IFN-α in the spleens of B6.NZBc1c13 mice.

(A) Increased BAFF and TNF-α mRNA expression in B6.NZBc1c13 (c1c13) and B6.NZBc13 (c13) splenocytes and (B) reduced IFN- α/β and IFN-α-induced gene (PKR and 2′-5′ OAS) expression in c1c13 and B6.NZBc1 (c1) splenocytes. Relative mRNA expression of genes of interest normalized to β-actin mRNA expression in freshly isolated splenocytes from 8-month-old female mice. Each point represents the determination from an individual mouse. The p values for significant differences between various congenic mice and B6 controls and various congenic mice are shown, *p<0.05, **p<0.005, as determined by Mann-Whitney non-parametric test.