Production of chemokines by APC infected with recombinant LASV.

The production of CC and CXC chemokines by DC (A, B) and MP (C, D) was assessed after mock infection (white bars), or infection with recombinant wild-type LASV (gray bars) or rLASV NP-D389A/G392A (rNP LASV) (black bars). (A, C) The synthesis of mRNAs was analyzed by RT-qPCR 24 h after infection. (B, D) The protein levels released in the supernatants were quantified by ELISA 24 h (only for CXCL9, 10 and 11) and 48 h after infection. Results are expressed as the mean ± SE of 4 (A, C) and 3–7 (B, D) independent experiments. Significant differences are indicated as follows: * (p<0.05), ** (p<0.01) and *** (p<0.001).