Predictions filtered by conservation, accessibility, or both are more downregulated than non-filtered predictions.

2012-02-27T01:53:18Z (GMT) by Ray M. Marín Jiří Vaníček
<p>Mean log<sub>2</sub> fold changes in protein expression are shown for the targets of five highly conserved miRNAs, predicted using PACCMIT with different filters. The log<sub>2</sub> fold changes are taken from Selbach et al. <a href="" target="_blank">[7]</a>. Statistical significance is given by the one-sided Wilcoxon rank sum test (*<i>P</i>≤0.05, **<i>P</i>≤0.01, ***<i>P</i>≤0.001). <i>P</i>-values>0.05 are not indicated. Error bars indicate standard errors of the mean.</p>