Phylogenetic relationships within different <i>Acinetobacter</i> spp.

<p>(11 representative clinical isolates, 16S rRNA gene sequences of 12 standard strains and <i>rpoB</i> gene sequences of 16 reference strains included in this study), as obtained by rooted dendrogram construction on the basis of <i>rpoB</i> gene sequences (a) and 16S rRNA gene sequences (b). The cluster analysis was performed using the MEGA 5.2 software and was based on the neighbor-joining algorithm using species of the closest related genus (i.e., <i>Psychrobacter cryohalolentis</i>) as an outgroup, with 1,000 bootstrap replications. The bar indicates 1% and 5% sequence diversity. In the phylogenetic tree of the <i>rpoB</i> gene (a), the <i>Acb</i> complex could be divided into five branches, and the evolutionary relationships among the branches were reasonable. In the phylogenetic tree of the 16S rRNA gene (b), only the <i>A. baumnnii</i> branch was separated individually from the <i>Acb</i> complex, although it was located near the branch of <i>A. junii</i>.</p>