Phylogenetic relationships among ITS phylotypes for OTUs isolated by culture-dependent method.

<p>Phylotypes recovered in this study are shown in bold type. Sequence code prefix denotes location. ACV, Aeolus Cave, Bennington County, VT; BME, Barton Mine, Essex County, NY; GMW, Graphite Mine, Warren County, NY; HME, Hitchcock Mine, Essex County, NY; WMU, Williams Preserve Mine, Ulster County, NY; HCA, Hailes Cave, Albany. Blue font denotes the isolated phylotypes, red font denotes the <i>Geomyces</i> spp. and <i>Pseudogymnoascus destructans</i> and black font denotes the ITS sequences of reference strains retrieved from GenBank. Three topologies are supported by the program Mega 5.1 <a href="" target="_blank">[44]</a>. The numbers at node indicate the bootstrap percentages of 1,000 resamples.</p>