Pgam2 mice developed systolic dysfunction and myocardial fibrosis in response to pressure overload.

(A) A representative M-mode echocardiogram is shown in the left panel. The left ventricular end-diastolic dimension (LVDd) was higher and %FS was lower in Pgam2 mice with TAC than in NTg mice with TAC. Dd: LVDd; Ds: left ventricular end-systolic dimension; HR: heart rate; bpm: beats per minute; FS: fractional shortening; PWT: posterior wall thickness. (B) The heart weight/body weight ratio and lung weight/body weight ratio of Pgam2 mice were higher than those of NTg mice with TAC. (C) Myocardial fibrosis was analyzed using Sirius Red staining. The ratio of the fibrotic area to the whole short-axis sectional area was calculated. Myocardial interstitial fibrosis was observed in NTg mice with TAC. Myocardial fibrosis was enhanced in Pgam2 mice with TAC. Values are the mean ± SEM. *p<0.05 versus the same genotype with the sham operation. †p<0.05 versus NTg mice with the same operation. # p = 0.08 vs NTg mice with the sham operation. Sham-operated NTg mice: n = 6; sham-operated Pgam2 mice: n = 4; NTg mice with TAC: n = 8; Pgam2 mice with TAC: n = 6.