Palynofacies preparations from the Velaux-La Bastide Neuve sedimentological succession.

(a) PF1- high diversity section with lignitic debris, charcoal and abundant fungal hyphae (scale bar = 100 μm) (b) PF1- fungal hyphae showing septae, lignitic debris, charcoal and amorphous organic matter (scale bar = 50 μm) (c) PF2- numerous rectangular and rounded charcoal grains, and lignitic debris (scale bar = 50 μm) (d) PF2- A.O.M., charcoal and pollen grain (scale bar = 50 μm) (e) PF3- charcoal and tracheid fragments (f) PF3- fungal spore, diverse plant debris (e.g. tracheid fragments), charcoal and A.O.M. (scale bar = 50 μm).