Overexpression of DreI induces powerful antiviral immunity.

(A, C) EPC cells seeded in 24-well plates overnight were transfcted with 0.5 µg DreI plasmid or empty vector as a control. At 24 h postransfection, EPC cells were infected with SVCV or RGV at a dose of 10 TCID50 per well for 5 days at 25°C. Then Cell monolayers were stained with crystal violet. (B, D) The culture supernatants from cells infected with SVCV and RGV were collected and the viral titers were measured by standard TCID50 method. The CPE caused by SVCV or RGV in viral titer measurement assays was also presented. The results are the representative of two independent experiments. (E) EPC cells were transfected with empty vector or DreI plasmid and were sampled at the indicated times. The relative transcript level of IFN was detected by real-time PCR and normalized to the expression of β-actin. Error bars represent SDs obtained by measuring each sample in triplicate.