Number of Volunteers Enrolled, Vaccination Schedule, Sample Collection and Assessment Time Points.

a<p>(N/n) Number of vaccine recipients/number of placebo recipients per group.</p>b<p>Vaccines/Dosage Groups: - rAd5: VRC HIV-1 rAd5 at 1×10<sup>10</sup> or 1×10<sup>11</sup> PU - 3DNA: 3 doses of VRC HIV-1 DNA at 4 mg/dose given intramuscularly by needle-free injection using Biojector ® 2000.</p><p>↓indicates vaccination visit.</p><p>S: Sample collection and assessment time points (S):</p>c<p>Serum neutralizing antibodies against Ad5.</p>d<p>Vaccine-induced HIV-1 specific cellular immune responses.</p>e<p>Vaccine-induced HIV-1 specific humoral immune responses.</p>




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