Nitrogen and Sulfur influenced regulatory network in wheat.

Directed network inferred using the RulNet platform and illustrating the use of central attributes. Linkages of transcription factors expression (hexagons), and the quantity per grain of storage proteins (squares) and metabolites (circles) with the phases of grain development and nitrogen and sulfur deficiencies defined as central attributes. The network was exported and enhanced in Cytoscape. Nodes were moved and edges were bundled and reorganized for better readability. Pink and light blue edges indicate rules discovered with the QNS1 and QNS2 queries, respectively. The storage proteins ω1,2-, ω5-, γ- and α/β-gliadins (gli) and low (LMW-GS) and high (HMW-GS) molecular weight glutenin subunits were expressed in mg N per grain and the metabolites in μmol per grain. For metabolites and transcription factors, the correspondence between the node id and actual entity names is given in S1 and S2 Tables.