N-terminal sequence polymorphisms determine differential secretion of YopP/YopJ proteins.

2008-05-16T00:39:28Z (GMT) by Igor E. Brodsky Ruslan Medzhitov

N-terminal 14 amino acids of YopP and YopJ from various Yersinia strains and serotypes. O∶8 serotypes of Y. enterocolitica possess an SP sequence at positions 10 and 11, whereas Y. pseudotuberculosis and Y. pestis possess the IS sequence. O∶9 serotypes of Y. enterocolitica also possess a polymorphism at amino acid 11, which likely accounts for the reduced secretion of YopP by O∶9 serotypes. Ye – Y. enterocolitica, Ype – Y. pestis, Yps – Y. pseudotuberculosis. Ype Med. – Y. pestis, biovar Medievalis.



CC BY 4.0