NHR-64 affects transcription of metabolic genes.

(A) Quantitative RT-PCR was use to investigate the expression of 89 metabolic genes in L4 stage nematodes treated with nhr-64RNAi compared to empty vector controls. Worms were grown on E. coli strain HT115. For full list of genes tested, see Table S1. Data shown are the average of three or four biological determinations. (B) Fat staining of fixed wild-type and fat-6;fat-7 young adults treated with RNAi corresponding to F08A8.4 shows that depletion of the acyl-CoA oxidase encoded by F08A8.4 leads to increased fat stores. Anterior is left and posterior is right. (C) Inactivation of F08A8.4 in fat-6;fat-7 double mutants resulted in increased growth rate. The number of worms that had reached adult stage in a population were counted 72 hours after plating synchronized L1 stage larvae. The experiment was repeated three times, each time with 100–200 worms. Error bars are SEM.