NAC treatment promotes proliferation of a pro-proliferative gene expression signature in Nkx3.1−/− prostate.

(A) Enrichment Map [46] analysis for Genome Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) C2 (curated) gene set data obtained from vehicle and NAC-treated Nkx3.1−/− anterior prostate. Map displays the related gene networks containing ≥5 gene sets with a false discovery rate (FDR) q value <0.25. Node size corresponds to gene set size. Hue designates which manner in which the gene sets are altered (red = enriched in NAC-treatment, blue = depleted in NAC-treatment). Color intensity represents significance by enrichment p value. Line thickness connecting the gene set nodes represents the degree of gene overlap between the two sets. (B) GSEA Enrichment plots [44], [50] for selected gene sets from the “proliferation control” network and the “chemokines/growth factors” network. Nominal p value (statistical significance of the enrichment) and the FDR are presented. (C) Potential model for Nkx3.1-loss associated ROS and NAC treatment in prostate tumor initiation.



CC BY 4.0