Morphological variables of apical rhizome portions of Sporobolusvirginicus subjected to different treatments.

2013-08-19T02:42:01Z (GMT) by Elena Balestri Claudio Lardicci

Mean (± ES) number of new shoots (A, B), number of new buds (C, D), number of roots (E, F) length of the longest shoot (G, H), vertical internode length (I, J), and biomass of shoots (K, L), rhizomes (M, N) and roots (O, P) of apical rhizome portions experimentally severed at the sixth internode (intermediate portions) or twelfth internode (long portions) from the apex and equivalent parts in undisturbed horizontal rhizomes subjected to ambient or increased burial conditions, at the end of the experiment (n = 3). NB: no burial, ambient conditions. B: increased burial frequency and intensity. Data from the three blocks are pooled. n = 3.