Morpholino knockdown of etsrp reduces expression of genes identified by etsrp overexpression microarray analysis.

Embryos were injected with a combination of two etsrp targeting morpholinos (4 ng each) and gene expression was examined by in situ hybridization at 24–26 hours post fertilization. Representative control embryos are on the left of each panel and etsrp morpholino (MO) injected embryos are on the right. (A) krml2 is reduced in primitive myeloid cells, posterior cardinal vein, and caudal hematopoietic tail region by etsrp knockdown. (B) lrrp33 expression is absent in myeloid cells and reduced in the caudal hematopoietic tail region. (C) hapln1b expression is lost in the posterior cardinal vein when etsrp is knocked down. (D–N) Etsrp knockdown causes a significant decrease of gene expression, most pronounced in the trunk (unlabeled arrows). (D) rasgfp3; (E) tem8; (F) arhgap29; (G) fgd5; (H) yrk; (I) similar to hemicentin; (J) sh3gl3; (K) similar to costimulatory protein; (L) ldb2; (M) est:AI7201944; and (N) est:AW019729. Note that non-hematovascular tissues such as somites in (A) and hypochord in (C) are not affected by etsrp knockdown. Abbreviations: pm, primitive myeloid; pcv, posterior cardinal vein; cht, caudal hematopoietic tail region; ss, somites; and hc, hypochord. Scale bar: 250 µm.