Mislocalized Golgi complex supports normal cargo trafficking.

Control and DW12-treated cells were transfected with cDNA for VSV-G-ts045-YFP, held at 40°C to keep VSV-G in the ER and switched to 32°C to allow cargo trafficking to the plasma membrane through the Golgi complex. (A) Differentiated cells fixed at the indicated time after switching to 32°C were stained with anti-GM130 (red) while VSV-G is shown in green. Each image is the projection of a confocal z-stack; DW12 treatment does not affect the timing or pattern of cargo transport. Bar: 20 µm. (B) Quantitation of cargo locations. For each time point, the location of VSV-G-ts045-YFP was determined in 100 cells (represented by dots). In differentiated cells, DW12 delays cargo clearance from the Golgi complex slightly, but cargo eventually reaches the plasma membrane in control and DW12 cells alike.