Magnitude of ELISPOT and % response rate.

The magnitude of the response was measured by SFC per million peripheral blood mononuclear cells (SFC/m PBMC). The x-axis row one shows the peptide pool, row two the % response rate and row three the vaccine group. Black dots indicate positive responses, defined by background-subtracted values greater than the cutoff, more than 3 times mean background SFC count, and a coefficient of variation of not more than 70% amongst replicate wells. The rAd5 response rates correspond to both dose groups combined. The box plots summarize positive responses only (i.e., median, 1st and 3rd quartiles, minimum/maximum). The cut-offs for EnvA, EnvB, Gag, Nef, PolB1 and PolB2, as determined by the level of non-specific responses from at least 180 samples from unvaccinated individuals, are 40, 51, 54, 68, 51 and 38 respectively. The Pol response is the maximum of PolB1 and PolB2 and positive if either one is positive.




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