MICA/B<sup>+</sup> cells in the intraepithelial compartment.

<p><b>A.</b>- Immunofluorescent confocal microscopic analysis on small intestinal sections showing CD7<sup>+</sup> cells (green), MICA/B<sup>+</sup> cells (red) and nuclei (blue). (i) Mild enteropathy sample (ii) Enlarged section of (i). (iii) Severe enteropathy sample. (iv) Duodenal section from a healthy control. Intraepithelial and <i>lamina propria</i> compartments were delimited in the picture with a thin line (scan zoom 0.7, magnification 100×). <b>B.</b>- Numbers of CD7<sup>+</sup>MICA/B<sup>+</sup> were determined per unit of muscularis mucosae m.m. using immunofluorescent microscopy on duodenal sections of 11 healthy controls, 9 patients with mild enteropathy and 4 patients with severe enteropathy. Percentage of CD7<sup>+</sup>MICA<sup>+</sup> cells (left plot) and total number of CD7<sup>+</sup> cells (right plot) were depicted. ** p≤0.01, (Non parametric Kruskal wallis test followed by the Dunns multiple-comparison posttest).</p>