Loss of functional integrity of RVLM precedes cardiovascular depression.

<p>(a) Temporal changes in MSAP, HR or power density of LF component of SAP spectrum in rats that received consecutive microinjections (at arrows) of a lethal dose of Mev (280 nmol) bilaterally into the RVLM or sites immediately adjacent to the RVLM (non-RVLM). (b) Re-drawn of (a) between the 9<sup>th</sup> [dotted line in (a)] and 16<sup>th</sup> min on an expanded scale showing temporal changes in LF power. Values are mean±SEM of 5–7 animals per experimental group. <sup>*</sup><i>p</i><0.05 versus artificial cerebrospinal fluid (aCSF) group or non-RVLM group at corresponding time-points in the post hoc Scheffé multiple-range analysis following two-way ANOVA.</p>