Long-term fate-mapping analysis in the DG of Nestin-Cre mice.

(A) The proportion of different labeled cell types was determined at different time points p.i. The number of eGFP+ cells that was analyzed for co-localization with different phenotypical markers was 146±36 at 10 days p.i. (n = 4), 265±28 at 1 month p.i. (n = 3), 454±129 at 3 months p.i. (n = 3) and 647±48 at 9 months p.i. (n = 3). The proportion of eGFP+ RGCs (p = 0.01) and neuroblasts (p = 0.02) decreased over time, while the proportion of eGFP+ mature neurons increased (p = 0.01). Raw data are shown in S2 Table. (B) The absolute number of labeled cells within each population was calculated by multiplying the population ratio per animal by the absolute number of the eGFP+ cells as determined by stereology in the same animal. The number of eGFP+ RGCs initially decreased (p = 0.03) but remained constant after 1 month p.i. The number of eGFP+ neuroblasts decreased from 10 days to 9 months p.i. (p = 0.04). The number of eGFP+ mature neurons continuously increased over time (p = 0.01). Raw data are shown in S3 Table.